Bridgewater, Yorton and Garstang

This 0 gauge layout is located in the basement of its owner’s home.

The fiddle yard is entered through a two-road tunnel and is assumed to lead to a large station such as Preston. There are eight storage lines about 12ft long and the yard pivots at the right hand end so that two of the tracks line up with the approach tracks at the left hand end most of the time.

The first station, Bridgewater, is double track with a bay road entered from the left therefore one is able to terminate a short train and send it back round the layout without using the fiddle yard. The through roads and bay are the only part built at the moment.

The double track (now entering the scenic area) continues three quarters of the way round the room to Wolvercot Junction. After this one track curves sharply left. We will follow the other single track as it swings slightly right and crosses a 7 arch viaduct curving left into a tunnel. This is the end of the scenery at the moment.

Leaving the tunnel there are a few sidings on both sides and then we enter second station, Garstang, which has an island platform. This station is directly above the fiddle yard where we started. The single line continues round a corner on a narrow shelf and then opens out into a small halt with one siding and no passing loop, which is above and behind Bridgewater.

After leaving the halt we keep climbing at about 1:100 and then enter a short tunnel at the summit. When we come out of the tunnel we are dropping and curving left through about 180 degrees and after crossing the double track (and back into the scenery) on a plate girder bridge we enter the third station, Yorton, with its passing loop. There are several sidings and the remains of a derelict branch line here. The line leaves Yorton on a sharp curve to reach Wolvercot Junction again, and continues back to the fiddle yard.