Every year we hold a modelling competition open to all members. This year’s competition was held on Friday 6 July 2018.

The results of this year’s competition were:

Senior division

Locomotives, kit-built, best overall and perpetual trophy winner – Geoff Brown, Century Models NSWGR 30 Class loco and Tender 3090, 0 scale

Locomotives,scratchbuilt – Peter Betts, Freelance scratch built Rail Bus on proprietary chassis, 0 scale


Rolling stock, improved proprietary, best overall and perpetual trophy winner – David Taylor, Two Excursion Carriages, 009 scale

Rolling Stock,kitbuilt – Mick Bluett, ACM Composite Coach, H0 scale

Rolling Stock,kit-bashed  Murray Simpson, NSW Steam Crane 1081 with KF Boom Support Wagon, HO scale


Structures, improved proprietary, best overall and perpetual Deric Netting Trophy winner – Bruce Walker, Coal Stage for Valley Heights (Model Train Buildings), H0 Scale

Structures, scratchbuilt – Bruce Walker, Station Pedestrian Stairs, H0 scale

Structures, kit-built – Geoff Brown, Peter Boorman’s NSWGR 5 Ton Crane, H0 scale


Miscellaneous,kit-bashed, best overall and perpetual trophy winner Murray Simpson, AEC Lorry with Water Tank, H0 scale

Miscellaneous,scratchbuilt Andrew King, Electrical Design and wiring of “Blue Mountains” including documentation


Dioramas, scratch built, best overall and perpetual trophy winner – Richard Jarvis, Blue Mountains Rock Cutting section, H0 scale

[image to follow]


Youth Division

No entries


The winners of the Alex Mathieson Trophy for the best overall senior modeller and the President’s Encouragement Award will be announced at the Annual Dinner on 8 September 2018.


This year we had a total of 24 entries from 9 modellers, which is better than last year, with 9 members present to vote on the models.  We know a few of our other regular entrants and attendees were otherwise engaged with family duties due to the school holidays.  Next year we must try to schedule the competition out of the school holiday period.  It was disappointing not to have any entries from our Juniors but perhaps this was also due to school holidays.

This year the majority of entries were in the Rolling Stock category with 7 entries, nearly all in HO scale, though David Taylor’s Two Excursion coaches were in 009 scale.  This was closely followed by Structures category with 6 entries and Miscellaneous category with 5 entries. 

Eight of the entries were on Blue Mountains layout, or associated with the building of Blue Mountains thus far, including three sections of the layout in the Diorama category.  We hope that the further work needed to finish off the scenic aspects of the layout will generate a lot more entries next year.

Congratulations to the winners and our thanks to Peter Cooke and Stephen Buck for being scrutineers for the voting.  The Trophies were be presented at the Annual Dinner on 8 September 2018.