NSW Main Line

The builder of this layout, a long-standing member of NSRMA, passed away in early 2012. This description reminds us of a good friend and fine modeller.

This H0 layout is built in the basement area of a Federation bungalow and extends through three separate rooms. From the main terminus, the main line passes through the suburban junction of Slobston before heading out into the country through Bunyip Lakes and climbing through the mountains to Nulla Nulla. The line then returns to the terminus, or on to a continuous run, via storage loops. A branch from Slobston runs through Willow Creek to Nulang.

CCTV allows a single operator at the main terminus to see what is going on in the other two rooms.

This layout was featured in the NorthSide newspaper, published by Cumberland Courier Newspapers. Click here to see the article and a video, and here to see some photos.